Digital Oilfield TV

Based on Our Commitment over Broadcasting an Engineering TV over Satellite and over the Web,  Advanced Oil and Energy Services  has taken initiative by first launching the Youtube Channel and now another Channel which will be available at PAKSAT-II  & NileSAT Satellites. Details will be shared as soon as we receive our Content Airing Contract Finalized. Further We have at our Website a stream over the Digital Oilfield/Clean Energy Contents for Testing Purposes.  Please Feel Free to Send your Suggestions.  As well as those who wish to include their content are requested to visit  and let us know by either submitting the link or sending via ftp or Dropbox Link. Our Viewership at all Platforms is maximum from Texas and California followed by UK, India and Pakistan. Our Mission is also to provide services in all these regions after successful foundation laying in Pakistan. Thank You. Important Links: Email:  network

Digital Oilfield Services

Advanced Oil and Energy Services is proud to announce its operational activities commencement date. We will be fully operational 17 July 2018. Visit Email We are actively looking out potential investors, partners, clients, leaders and talent.